Are White Wave longboards good for beginners

Are White Wave Longboards Good For Beginners?

To start practicing longboarding, you’ll need to have a good board first. And when it comes to longboards, there are dozens of different brands for you to choose from.

This makes things quite difficult, even for the experienced skateboarders, to select a good longboard that is suitable for your preferences.

That being said, it’s always recommended to have yourself a few trusted brands that you could turn to whenever you need to purchase a new board.

In this post, we’ll be discussing White Wave longboards’ products to see whether they’re good for beginners.

About White Wave longboards

Which mistakes should a beginner avoid when skateboarding
Which mistakes should a beginner avoid when skateboarding

For the past few years, the company has successfully asses themselves as one of the most popular longboards manufacturers. Thanks to their relatively unique lines of products that are completely different from other brands, White Wave longboards have quickly receive its reputation among skateboarders.

On the other hand, the company still keep their own lineup of traditional boards with elegant and classic designs. You can try one of these if you think that the new longboards aren’t for you.


Here you’ll find some of the best advantages that the game has to offer:

Wide range of different products

Being one of the best longboard manufacturers in the world, White Wave longboards offer a variety of different products that are suitable for multiple skating styles. Here you’ll find different boards at different price ranges and are suitable for different skating activities. Depending on your preferences, you can choose the best board for you.

Stylish designs

If you think that performance is the most important factor when it comes to longboards, then you might be surprised to find that many longboard beginners choose one board over the other based on their looks.

That being said, this is probably what happens when young people buying their longboard. Since they mostly use their board for casual cruising around the campus or their local districts. Having a good-looking board is always more important.

Knowing this, White Wave longboards provide a wide collection of different longboard designs that stand out from other regular boards.

Different types of deck

And to support their versatile lines of products, White Wave longboards also provide high-quality decks with different constructions and materials. For cruising and freestyle longboarding, we have the flexible bamboo decks which allow for smooth and relaxing rides.

But if high-speed racing is your priority, then switching to their maple hardwood decks is a better choice.

High-quality trucks with flexible bushing

the best longboard bearings
the best longboard bearings

To ensure a safe and consistent experience throughout your ride, White Wave longboards use high-quality trucks on most of their products. The durable and reliable Aluminum trucks prevent any speed wobbles and help you well-positioned on the board.

In additions, they also use different bushings on different lines of products. Hence, you always have the best performance for each longboard that you choose.

High-precision bearings

Most of White Wave longboards are equipped with high-quality bearings, which are usually rated with ABEC 9 or 11. This ensures stable and reliable experiences while riding at high speeds. Hence, skaters who love high-speed racing would certainly like the White Wave longboards.

High-performance longboards for versatile uses

With White Wave longboards, users are introduced to quality products that are suitable for various skating activities, including cruising, carving, freestyle skating, and downhill races.


Relatively high pricing

With all the awesome advantages, it’s unlikely for White Wave longboards to have any cons. However, having too many pros is also a disadvantage as you can’t get them all for free. Hence, there must be suitable pricing for the quality products that you’re getting.

That being said, if you compare White Wave longboards to some of the most common brands out there, the price differences are quite significant. Especially with their bamboo longboard lineup, which features some of the best longboards for beginners.

The Best White Wave Longboards For Beginners

the right dimension
the right dimension

With all the amazing features, White Wave longboards are always a trusted brand for beginners. Here you’ll find the best White Wave longboard for beginners according to our expert’s conclusions. Choose it as your first longboard or based on it to choose another good longboard from White Wave.

White Wave Bamboo Longboards

When it comes to a versatile longboard that is suitable for different skating activities, the White Wave Bamboo Longboard is undoubtedly one of the best products for beginners.

The board comes with a perfect size of 40 inches x 9.5 inches which allow for maximum stability while still remain responsive to your controls.

In additions, the engineers at White Wave have used combined bamboo and maple wood veneers for their designs, allowing for extra flexibility and stability. As a result, we have a versatile longboard deck that can do well in almost every skateboard activities.

The 7-inch Aluminum trucks are well constructed, allowing you to experience smooth and safe rides while riding on rough trails. Plus, the polished finish makes the board more stylish than all the other boards.

For cruising and carving, the high-performance bushings allow for quick and responsive turnings. Plus, the slightly concaved deck would deliver smoother and deeper rides.

With the drop-through deck design, the White Wave longboards are capable of mounting large wheels while still remain relatively close to the ground. That being said, with the 70 mm x 50 mm urethane wheels, the White Wave Bamboo Longboard can provide good speed so that you can always ride fast on your board.

Plus, the large wheel profiles and low deck also add some elements of stability for your board, making it more stable while riding at a high speed.

And last but not least, the high-precision bearings allow for quick and safe rides, especially when you’re doing downhill races.


  • Good speed
  • Good stability
  • Stylish design
  • Durable and reliable


  • The price can be a little lower

And that’s our opinions on whether White Wave longboards are good for beginners. Thanks for reading and we’ll see you in our future posts.