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What’s up, bro!

High-five for checking out our profile. Despite our name, no, we’re not going to murder anyone (in case you’re wondering). But, we’re going to kill those tricks, man! And you’re coming with us! Let’s go!

The Slayer

But…first, lemme take a selfie. No, we’re kidding. Let me introduce myself first. My name is Honda Suzu. I go by the name The Slayer in my local skatepark. You know, I just love skateboarding. When I see they put signs on the streets saying things like “No Skateboarding on the Sidewalk”, I just do it man.

I don’t think normal skateboarding is going to hurt anyone. Plus, it’s a great sport no different than jogging or running. Of course, if you’re going to do crazy high jumps, you’re better off heading to the skatepark. We might hurt a disabled person on the sidewalk this case. So, to the park we go! We’ve got brains, bro!

The Murderer

In my local skatepark, you’ll meet Anthony S. Dupre. He’s The Murderer. He’s not only great at skateboarding, he’s a lady killer. I’m so jealous with him sometimes. The ladies seem to love watching him fly on that ramp and do all kinds of twists and turns. I don’t know how many hearts he has murdered, but he sure is a beast in this sport. I love him (I mean the bro kind, don’t think that way).

The Worst

Finally, you’ve got to meet Ina C. Sewell. She’s my childhood friend, kind of. We went to the same kindergarten, but we never really talked much. I met her again in high school. She recognized me and we chatted. When I told her we had this amazing skateboard squad, she asked if she could join. I said yes. Truth be told, she’s the WORST player I’ve ever seen. So there, we nicknamed her The Worst. I laughed so many times when she fell. But we’re so happy to have her in our team. She’s bringing along some other girls. So, I think it’s going to be fun.

Join Us!

Whether you’re in California, Canada, or Canberra, come join us! We love talking about sports and skateboarding. You’ll find many posts where we talk about skateboard tricks, boards review, and how to clean your board. So, that’s enough about us. Hope to hear from you and have fun skateboarding!