What size cruiser board should I get?

Choose Your Right Deck Length & Width

What are the strongest longboards decks
What are the strongest longboards decks

On the market now, you’ll usually find cruiser boards measure from 25” to over 46” in length. Compared to longboards, this deck length is a bit shorter. Compared to regular popsicle-shaped skateboards, this length is usually longer.

Unlike choosing the right deck length for snowboards, you don’t have to worry too much about the cruiser deck length being too short or long for your body type. It generally boils down to your preference.

A shorter deck will allow you to make quicker and sharper turns. Whereas a longer deck will be perfect for carving at higher speeds. If you’re still confused, choose the mid-30s.

In terms of width, most cruiser boards nowadays are around 7” to 9” wide. There’s a lot of legroom for you or your kids. So, you should be fine.

Short cruising board: 25” – 32”

This range is perfect for young and shorter riders. It’s also a great choice if you’re just starting out with skating. You can also get a short one if you’re tall and skillful with your cruising ability.


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